Как выбрать чай

Как выбрать чай

Knitting Circle

'Knitting Circle' by Chris Dunn Illustration. Three sheep are busy knitting and chatting together.

Pushing Through The Snow

'Pushing Through The Snow' illustration by Chris Dunn. Two hedehogs battle through a snow blizzard in the woods at winter. A small mouse by the snow covered oak tree, tries to get their attention.


'Lamplighter' by Chris Dunn Illustration. A weasel lights the street lamps of London.


Valkyrie Watercolour / Gouache 24 x I can honestly say this is the first time I've painted a badger singing at the opera.

The Card Game

'The Card Game' by Chris Dunn Illustration. A fox, rat and stoats play cards and gamble in the pub. They are watched by a badger and vixen.

Retreat From The Windmills

'Retreat From The Windmills' by Chris Dunn Illustration. A Don Quixote lion and Sancho Panza meerkat ride on their horse and donkey in the heat of the Spanish countryside. Behind are medieval windmills.

The Orator

'The Orator' by Chris Dunn Illustration. Toad gives a speech with his back to the marble fireplace. There are books and an ornate mirror reflecting an unimpressed ratty and mole.

Chris Dunn

A simple illustrator, hails from West Yorkshire, now based in Wiltshire.

Woodland Party

Woodland Party illustration by Chris Dunn. Featuring a whole host of badgers, otters, rabbits and mice having a good old knees up.