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a drawing of a horse that is standing on its hind legs, with muscles visible
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The longtime rider in me says yes. After all, horses look like they are absolutely made for it; not too big and not too small; strong, agile with enough space on their back to carry a human, as they have done for centuries. However, in addition to being a rider I am also an equine physical therap
an abstract painting with many different colors and patterns on it, including circles in the center
22 Unbelievable Facts About Your Eyes
So, the kids and I learned that predators with slit eyes are primarily ambush hunters. Fascinating stuff!
three different views of horses and their skeletal systems, each showing the lower half of the horse's skeleton
Inspirational Artworks
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an old medical illustration shows the bones and tendors of the lower limb, from left to right
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an old black and white drawing of different types of feet
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a drawing of a horse's muscles
an info sheet with some drawings on it
Art Tutorials
Animal Anatomy- By Marshall Vandruff, Pg. 3
several different types of wings are shown in this image, and each one has its own wing
Reference All The Things
Types of bird wings (hummingbird, tern, puffin, eagle, swallow, owl, raven, heron, swan)
the legs and feet are shown in this diagram
The mechanism of grasp
The structure of bird feet is set up so that the foot automatically grasps when the ankle joint is bent. This automatic grip allow birds to sleep while perching, and for raptors clench/grasp prey as the leg is folded on impact. The mechanism of the foot is ingenious…. there’s no muscle in there at all. The foot is powered entirely by a pulley system of tendons.
an image of some type of flying object in the dark sky with captions for flight, bat, prerobactity, modern bird and apparity
Adaptations for Flight | watch "Secrets of Bones" on BBC FOUR | | You may want to use a proxy ;-)
an image of the foot and ankle bones
Horse leg anatomy
the diagram shows how to ride a horse with legs and feet, while standing on one leg
Introduction to Animal Anatomy
The Gnomon Workshop - Introduction to Animal Anatomy
an image of cats with different eyes and body shapes on it's back side
Feline reference sketches