These are coasters! I saw something like this at Target but they weren't felt, they were silicone.

Cute but not a craft idea I discovered. a very clever idea though and wondering if I have a pattern that I could adapt for this. - Ideas In Crafting

rat sock monkey sock toy monster sock monster by stitchink on Etsy cool easy plushie for kids to make to use in a splat the rat game , get boys into sewing

Annabel Wrigley –– 28 super-cool projects to create your own style • Learn to make one-of-a-kind jewelry, bags, and stuff for your room • Choose from 28 superfun projects to make yourself or with frie

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We are so pleased to recommend to you a new favorite in our library of craft books, a rare gem that focuses on instructing children in our most cherished craft, sewing form Annabel Wrigley of Pincushion Studios