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Алексанов Дмитрий

Алексанов Дмитрий
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Basket Apartments by OFIS Arhitekti

This student housing building in Paris by Slovenian studio OFIS Arhitekti was designed to resembled a stack of wooden baskets.

The Heliotrope home in Germany may be the world’s first home that generates more power than it uses.

"The Heliotrope" designed by Rolf Disch is a house in Vauban, Freiburg, Germany that runs on solar power and generates more power than it uses. (photo by Rolf Disch SolarArchitektur, © Words cannot describe how awesome this is.

Angled fins flanks the windows of this Tokyo apartment block.

Built by KINO Architects in , Japan with date Images by Daici Ano. The complex building on a shopping street of the Tokyo downtown area. This shopping street is losing once activity.