Soviet propaganda poster. Reject that vodka! Lol...why would you do that?!

NO! one of my favourite propaganda posters.

Be Friends USSR 1960 - original vintage poster by Suryaninov listed on #MakeAFriendDay

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Religion is Poison

Religion is poison for the mind” (rough translation) Soviet Anti-Religion propaganda, ca.

USSR. Be watchful and vigilant!, 1951

The Soviet Union Used These Posters To Stop Spies In The "Be watchful and vigilant!

PRL poster

PRL poster

Trepkowski Tadeusz(1914-56), Po walce praca year of poster: 1945 - the first Polish poster artist to emerge after World War II, he expressed the tragic memories and aspirations for the future that were deeply fixed in his country’s national psyche.

designer: Trepkowski Tadeusz poster title: Po walce praca year of poster: 1945