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How to Make a Cross-cut Platform for your Circular Saw : How-To : DIY Network

How to Make a Cross-cut Platform for your Circular Saw You can eliminate inaccuracies with your circular saw by making a platform for angle.

Parabola Coffee Table - when I first saw this I thought it was made out of Popsicle sticks - how cool would that have been?

Michaela Crie Stone is raising funds for Get Michaela to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show on Kickstarter! I've been accepted to the esteemed Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show, but I need help getting there.

Quercus desk lamp design by Max Ashford, a product design student from Falmouth University.

Quercus, a stylish desk lamp design concept by Max Ashford for young professionals. Max Ashford, a young product design student from the Falmouth Universit

fall coffee filter ideas | Ideal for spring and summer wedding receptions and other elegant ...

Coffee Filter Flower Centerpiece Each flower is hand-sculpted around a hollow shape where battery powered LED lights are hidden. The flowers glow safely from within with no need to hide pesky wires.