PRETTY. Would also be nice painted on silk

Love the light material, colors, print and style (will hide the midsection).

Рубашка женская, платье-рубашка женское ck Calvin Klein — 4shopping v3.0

Shirt for women, dress-shirt for women ck Calvin Klein -


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patchwork tunic mixed fabric Gute Idee für den Rest von dem H&M Kleid

The cut, colors/patterns, v neck, slight sleeve, mid-length.


Derek Lam: sleeveless top in navy ivory.

Fashion Snoops

The Next Generation of Trend Forecasting


TWIST SHIRT pattern so you can still look good in an oversize piece.

Fashion Snoops

Fashion Snoops

Fashion Box Women's Knitwear S/S 2017 incl. CD-Rom | mode...information GmbH

Fashion Box Women's Knitwear S/S 2017 incl. CD-Rom - A richly illustrated seasonal concept including colour charts, knit designs and structures with original material swatches, knitwear sketches partl

【ELLE SHOP】カミルVネックブラウスグレー|ジル スチュアート(JILLSTUART)|エル・ショップ:

【ELLE SHOP】カミルVネックブラウスグレー|ジル スチュアート(JILLSTUART)|エル・ショップ:



Azul Fantasía Guerrera

Blue Fancy Tunic - size L

CAD and Design Work on Behance

CAD sketches on Behance

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