Блинов Роман Олегович

Блинов Роман Олегович

Блинов Роман Олегович
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Handmade Oak Wooden Sconce - Wall Lamps & Sconces - SC Sconce Wooden wall lamp with a simple functional design. This lamp has two options: switch is located aside, or with wire. Made of OAK with an accent on natural wood texture.

Resound iphone amplifier in wood and ceramic - a great gift for music lovers, it enriches the sound of the iphone's speakers and naturally amplifies them without the need for cables and plugs. Designed and handcrafted in the UK

Hand-crafted from oak and ceramic; this beautiful amplifier organically transforms and projects an iPhone’s speaker system. The perfect gift for music lovers.

❧ Cool monitor stand

It would be nice to have an area to slid our keyboards and mount our double screens on top of! -- need this for my apartment office space :)

A beautiful handcrafted wooden amplifier that acts as a speaker for any iPhone. The wood naturally amplifies the iPhone's own speakers, adding a warmth to the sound. The design cleverly combines retro and modern styling, making it a beautiful addition to any space and a great unique gift for music lovers.

💮 Forget bluetooth or cables, we got walnut wood, top acoustics and a stunning design. ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ ⊂⊃ Curious to see what we did at the Milan Design Week?