Mega flavorful Buffalo Chicken Dip Stuffed French Bread is your favorite decadent creamy, cheesy dip baked right into the loaf! Crazy delicious side or EASY crowd pleasing appetizer perfect for partie(Buffalo Chicken Dip)

NEE A SEASONAL CLOSET! hidden storage closet, it would have to be a "seasonal" closet b/c you wouldn't want to remove the things from the shelves everyday

I Found Some New Protein Shake Recipes, And They Actually Make Me Want To Start Working Out

13 Mexican Vegetarian Recipes That Will Make You Run For The Border. Feel free to substitute to make it organic, vegan or anything else you like. If you eat Tofu, make sure tofu is always organic/non gmo.

A CLASSIC OUTDOOR LIVING SOLUTION Stone Patios For many homes, a stone patio makes for a wonderful outdoor living experience. Unlike decks, patios allow a seamless transition between yard and patio for a more intimate connection with nature.

I luvvvvv Karma-kun! (Than Nagisa)-- Assassination Classroom

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Free and Easy DIY Adirondack Chair - Ana White - She has tones of project and furniture plans

Capricorn - Perfect combination of: tough, sarcastic, funny, and ambitious. pretty much sum's it up ;

One of the great os all time from Gilmer Texas. He played with Clapton, and belonged in that company! Master of the ear poppin', blues lick.