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Josef Albers
Josef Albers is one of the Big Names in colour theory. He did most of his theory the practical way... by painting.
vjeranski:Homage to the Square. Saturation, 1967 Josef Albers
josef albers | Josef Albers’s artwork. Homage to the Square. Image via mutualart.
albers | Josef Albers (1888-1976) | DR-b | Prints Auction | 1960s, Prints ...
homage to the square. saturation - 1967 - josef albers
Chicago Art Review - Joseph Albers, Homage to a Square Ascending
Josef Albers (Germany, 1888-America, 1976)
Giuseppe Arcimboldo
A harvest festival: A modern take on Summer with actual fruits and vegetables which was originally painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo in 1573