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Tianjin Bridged Gardens _ by Turenscape Design Institute. I appreciate the use of elevation, form and color to juxtapose this space with the formality of the surrounding hardscape/lawn. This is a possible driver for my outdoor classroom space(s)


Serenity in the Garden: Photo of the Day - Moss in the Landscape. I want a whole area in my backyard covered in moss so I can walk around barefoot on it

ART « Landscape Architecture Magazine

New Jersey's 'Done Deal': Destroying a Historic Resource With False Choices

Green Acres, s site-specific sculpture in the courtyard of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection office complex in Trenton

Levinson Plaza en Mission Park por Mikyoung Kim (2008) Boston.

Levinson Plaza, Mission Park / Mikyoung Kim Design

Parquet Style Levinson Plaza, Mission Park in Boston, MA by Mikyoung Kim Design - Compost Rules.

Burle Marx - Banco Safra - Inspiração sempre

Burle Marx - Banco Safra - replacing the black paving with grass would soften this up and make it more inviting.

<3 playground/public space design <3

15 Amazing Playgrounds From All Over The World

The Blue Whale at Plikta Park in Gothenburg, Sweden (designed by Monstrum) - One of the most amazing playgrounds around the world

Vodafone Headquarters / Barbosa & Guimarães

Vodafone Headquarters / Barbosa & Guimarães

“Pinar de Perruquet” Park / Arteks Arquitectura

"Pinar de Perruquet" Park / Arteks Arquitectura

Completed in 2008 in Vila-seca, Spain. Images by Pedro Pegenaute . In Mediterranean peri-urban littoral, the pollution of maritime aerosol affects the survival and the growth of pines and other plants.

Sevilla, Spain  PARQUE DE LA MÚSICA  Costa Fierros arquitectos

The project Costa-Fierros: Music Park in Seville - Buildings and public places