Арина Третьякова

Арина Третьякова

Арина Третьякова
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One Direction

One direction is amazing! So here's to all the fans that take crap from people who get on our last nerve talking about how annoying we are or how gay And stupid these boys are. To me there perfect!


Even though Khurana Khurana Singh Styles Osmani Osmani Hafeji Malik Sheldon Sheldon Rubio Payne Gray Gray Bertasson Tomlinson Dunican Dunican Dunican Horan you boys lost the X-Factor you definitely WON THE WORLD!

Up All Night vs Midnight Memories

Up All Night vs Midnight Memories I like niall in MM, I like harry in MM, I like zayn in UAN, I like louis in UAN, and I like liam in MM.