Evening on the balcony

A cozy balcony with lit LED light chains, a canopy, lanterns with lit candles and a sofa filled with cushions and sheepskin rugs.

Ethnic/Asian Villa by SwanfieldLiving

Ethnic/Asian Villa by SwanfieldLiving

Looking forward to fill up this space tomorrow with good friends 💙 Enjoy the night ⭐️ Photocred See more in this months issue of

Кабинет на балконе, рабочее место на балконе фото

a modern white balcony with faux brick walls, a half floating desk and a comfy blue chair

Paris apartment.... wish I was back there!

A different style of city living! Parisian Apartment - great window seat to appreciate the view. I would love this sort of thing in the master bedroom - with a balcony.

Фотография - Балкон и терраса, стиль: Современный | InMyRoom.ru

Small balconies are so common, but they are not ideal at all. I wanted to inspire you to make these spaces more comfortable and enjoyable during the whole year, so I rounded up 15 small

Aménager un petit balcon, une terrasse : nos 8 conseils

Aménager un balcon, une terrasse : nos 8 conseils

City Garden

Isabelle Palmer is a passionate balcony gardener. For years she has grown many beautiful plants on her north London balcony, and she now shares her fabulous taste with other gardeners through her shop, The Balcony Gardener.

Кабинет на балконе

Simplicity is key in small spaces. A cozy sunroom like this needs only the essentials. Keep a small work space from feeling cramped by using versatile furniture, measure your nook and hunt down a ready-made desk to fit your space.

Дизайн небольшой квартиры для девушки (балкон) интерьер, назначение - квартира, дом | тип - балкон, лоджия, терраса | площадь - 0 - 10 м2 | стиль - скандинавский. Разместил INT2architecture на портале arXip.com

When it comes to naming the most relaxing and refreshing part of my house, my answer is the balcony. Decorating a balcony is often overlooked, and that is really sad. A balcony has a lot of potential and you should not.