Portrait by Konstantin Makovsky.

An indulgent gourmand scent with decadent notes of dark cocoa, vanilla, patchouli complimented by lush garden florals of gardenia, tuberose &jasmine. This complex & rich elixir is teased with mysterious notes of black pepper and woodsmoke.

Beautiful women by Vladislav Nagornov - Russian Personalities

by Zemberry

Rose, Pink, Roses, Dandruff

Konstantin Makovsky The Young Bride

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African Artwork by Margrit “Himba Woman with Child”, Namibia When I saw this loving intimacy between mother and Child, I had to paint them. I choose to paint with Watercolor to capture the light on their beautiful faces.

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Guillaume-Charles Brun (French painter) 1825 - The Tambourine Player, oil on panel

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Russian princess: Pictures by the Russian artist Vladislav Nagornov

Vladislav Nagornov - Russian girl in costume

Boyar's Wife at the Window, 1885 - Konstantin Makovsky