Andrey Razmyslov

Andrey Razmyslov

Andrey Razmyslov
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Router subbase adds radiused corners to panel doors

Teds Wood Working - A routed groove adds interest to flat-panel doors, but finding a way to radius the corners was a mystery to me. This router subbase changes that. First, build a router subbase from 1 Get A Lifetime Of Project Ideas & Inspiration!

The Original Cowboy Wok

The “cowboy wok” is legendary in South Texas. The first cowboy woks were made out of used cultivator discs. The discs start out with sharp edges, they get discarded when the edge wears off. I guess somebody got the bright idea that the worn out metal bla

homemade anvil

Anyone that has looked for an anvil recently, can tell you they are expensive. If you can't afford one right now, get creative. A section of railroad track, is a good (inexpensive) start. You could do what this person did , and add to it.

Homemade Forge and Anvil - Imgur

Homemade Forge - Here's the full assembly, with a stand. pipes are because that's the biggest the local big-box stores carried. Fan is mounted to the to reducer, which goes to a pipe, then a tee.