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Item: Medieval Armour Boots Vendor: TurboSquid URL: Price: $49

Cursed boots of [location] (bonus to reflexes. Once worn for a day they cannot be removed. Once worn for a month they will force the wearer to walk, without stopping to the location, whether it takes them through an ocean or other deadly obstacles)

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It will consist of my OTP. The first, of course, be my Grey Warden and Leliana enjoy &. Leliana x Callian Tabris

[Open] Design adopt_3

My OC (Own Character) Aloise's Outfit number (She has 3 outfits) I messed up her hair and face so I will show it to you later when it looks better First I've wanted to do an adoptable but I love.

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The Hibiki based one. I'm wondering why I convinced myself to try a waterfall dress but at least it's pretty. Bought by ravenkanzaki Other available Adopts;