Acobamba,Huancavelica, Perú.

326 Pins
a group of clowns standing on steps with umbrellas
some people are standing in front of a church
a woman is walking down the runway in a colorful dress and headdress at night
a woman is dressed in colorful clothing and holding flowers
a woman is walking down the runway in an orange and blue dress with flowers on her head
a man in an orange outfit standing on a stage
a woman in a yellow dress holding an umbrella on a stage with flowers around her
an old church in the middle of a small town with cobblestone walkways
an old church with purple flowers in the foreground and green grass on the ground
a group of people standing on a stage with their hands in the air and waving
three paintings of people and animals in the same painting, one is holding a snake
cows graze on the side of a grassy hill
Puilly, Ayahuasan, Acobamba.
an aerial view of a lush green valley
Quiulaccocha, Pomacocha, Acobamba.
a rainbow in the sky over a city with lots of buildings and cars parked on the street