Новогодние украшения из снежинок

новогодние подделки

Paper moons and plastic snowflakes with tinsel layered between two to create dimension.

Vekoria.Творческий стеллаж Виктории Сокур: новогодний декор

Simple, cute idea for your wine bottles. Add cork lights if you like it a little brighter

Декор окно Новый год

The BEST DIY Christmas Decorations and Craft Ideas! Everything from Outdoor Decoration, Table Settings, DIY Holiday Crafts, and Home Decor!

John Lewis Christmas 2015, Christmas trees, lights

Немножко гламура на Рождество от John Lewis

Цвета жизни: Новый год: на старт!

Christmas is almost here friends! And its time for some awesome holiday projects right? Why don& we start with Christmas STARS! After what& Christmas without the legendary stars! There are lot of DIY star decoration ideas which you can try&

Rudolph Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Had a very shiny nose And if you ever saw it You could even say it glows All of the other reindeer Used to laugh and call him names They never let poor Rudolph Join in any reindeer games Then one foggy Christmas Eve Santa came to say Rudolph with your nose so bright Won't you guide my sleigh tonight? Then how the reindeer loved him As they shouted out with glee Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer You'll go down in history

Wood reindeer cutouts for Winter - Christmas at Room Seventeen, love these for my mantle!