Thranduil's "leather feather" armour from "The Hobbit". - WOAH THIS IS SO COOL I DIDN'T KNOW IT LOOKED LIKE WINGS!!!

Thranduil's "leather feather" armour from "The Hobbit". LOTR armour is always incredibly detailed and well thought out.

Bramble Pixies are never to be triffled with, for you see, when Bramble Pixies get angry . . .

A bramble pixie. They dwell deep in the forest, in their bramble bushes, changing their thorn crown, or readjusting their gloves. Bramble Pixies are bad tempered, and usually live the hermit life.


Headdress/ hat by Organic Armor, based on Akasha from Queen of the Damned- this hat is really beautiful, it looks like a crown for a queen,

Dragon Gloves by on @deviantART

Commission for Okay here comes the details: - 145 scale each Glove. - 18 metal rings, for the best fitting, - finger fixed claws - And a lots of time (Approx. 2 week) for sewing.

Das Orakel Erádûnê Finwe hat vor vielen Jahrtausenden die Aufgabe zugeteilt bekommen, die Zukunft vorauszusehen, jedoch ist sie dazu verflucht worden, sich nicht einzumischen

Okay seriously this reminds me of the Elven colony in The Lord Of The Rings. I wish I was a elf sorry not sorry.<<< never, EVER, apologize for wanting to be an elf.

Collin's friend Sorcia. She spends time at Uncle Brink's castle. I've never heard her speak. 15

This is Ameelia Elf. She is a rare elf who possesses a valuable set of horns whom she is often hunted for.

Luna Planetarium -Dimples of Evil- Gothic Lolita Jumper Dress #Leftovers

Luna Planetarium -Dimples of Evil- Gothic Lolita Jumper Dress - Same Day Shipment,Lolita Dresses,

Fairy Clothing | Spring Fairy Dresses 2012

fairy dress from dried plant materials. Would be so cute to do some of these in a shadow box for a little girl's room :)