Dark lipstick back into fall makeup trends. The celebrities, fashion models, and women become more frequent lately daub dark lipstick color to display bold

¿Puede tener un ilustrador tres estilos muy diferenciados? ¡Sí! Jo In Hyuk da buena muestra de ello.

red-lipstick: Jo In Hyuk aka Inhyuk Jo 조인혁 (Korean, Seoul, Republic of Korea) - From Memories series, 2011 Digital Arts

Lilo e Stitch

Tom Whalen e seus incríveis posters

I really like the unity of this poster through colors. The surfboard, the top of Stitch's ear, half of Lilo's face and the word Lilo are all the same color. There are many examples of this blend of colors in the poster that creates a strong unity.

Used - magazine cover

USED magazine. Brainchild of the London based creative agency Useful , (known for their art direction and editorial design of the Topshop 214 Magazine), USED is a new bi-annual publication focusing on the interaction between fashion and art. The first iss

I really like this design.

Splitting up graphics using triangles can make it look more broken-up and not giving the feeling of a flow, this graphic definitely does. I like this graphic for its theme, color palette, and organization.

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