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10bullets:by Scott Denny

There are some 30 facilities in the USA trying to help secure the Mexican Grey Wolves future. There are an estimated 300 Mexican Wolves in captivity and only 50 in the wild. The Mexican Wolf was re-introduced in the wild in the 1990

SacredFeminine GypsyHeart

Awe too beautiful … Protective mama.that's me and my baby :-) we were wolves for Halloween too.I made his costume by hand I was pretty proud of myself lol. mama wolf & wolf cub :-) I'll always be his protector!

Mexican Gray Wolf

((Open)) I walked through the woods in a wolf's body. I only had an hour so I better use it wisely. I sat down and howled for my new wolf friend, Star, until I heard a noise. I stood up and looked around, snarling.