I've been searching everywhere for a sweater dress, flat brown boots, and knitted boot "socks" one pinner said. I need longer and no brown as I am a winter.

Knitted Dress at Peacocks

Knitted Dresses Usher in Autumn 2009

Pretty knitted dress ( just a bit longer would be perfect)

Hand Knit Women dress sweater coat aran jacket women made to order hand knitted women's dress sweater cardigan pullover clothing handmade

Made of Lang Yarns Alpaca Superlight 5-6 skeins!

Knitted lace dress - pattern: 19 Kled mit Lochmuster by Rebecca Design Team - ravelry

Ravelry: #07 Mohair Lace Dress pattern by Laura Zukaite

#07 Mohair Lace Dress pattern by Laura Zukaite

This was handknitted by the model. I should pin it my Breathtaking board. It is her own pattern. These are things that make my life joyful;seeing remarkable gifted , everyday people who are extraordinary.

This makes me think of the beautiful dress that was lovingly made in the book The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. Amazing story with beautiful knitting!