naaldvilten poppetjes

naaldvilten poppetjes
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three little mermaid dolls sitting next to each other
a green doll with blonde hair and pink flowers
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the doll is wearing a blue dress with pink flowers on it's head and holding a flower in her hand
a doll sitting on top of a green circle with strawberries hanging from it's sides
a little red doll sitting on top of a stone wall next to some flowers and plants
a little doll holding a flower and standing next to a leaf with the words blumenkneder werksstat written on it
Blumenkinder mit Beinchen
a doll with a flower in its hand
Blumenkinder und Deko
a needle - felt doll with a red dress and bow holding a flower in her hand
a needle - felted doll holding a flower in her hand and wearing a pink dress with daisies on it
Daisy Earth Mother
two little fairy figurines standing on top of a mushroom with red and white dots
a doll is sitting in the grass with daisies
a pink doll is sitting on a branch with flowers in the middle and wearing a tiara
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