Анжелика К-Х

Анжелика К-Х

Анжелика К-Х
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Colorful Flora IV by AmorinaAshton

A tweak of my fractal May Flowers: Made in Apophysis and postwork done in PhotoPlus Orig params name: Cool Bubble Garden wedge 5 grad chng orig May Flowers lptp Full view for detail.

Venture from Bohemia

PETRYKIVKA [noun] ~ an urban-type settlement in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (province) in east-central Ukraine. There are about inhabitants. It is famous as a folk art center and for its unique style of decorative painting.

In My Fractal Garden by =Velvet--Glove on deviantART

Saving this style for when i get my kids birth flower's tattooed on me i think i'll do it this way. Hubby and mine in center then kids birth flower around ours. Just need to nail down where to put it.

Beautiful in Pink Fractal Art Designs | Modny73

Fractals are a unique digital art form with an infinite diversity of form, detail, color and light. Fractals originate from the field of mathematics and the term fractal means, a geometric pattern.


Lania by Anne Fugat - Beautiful! looks like a "nautilus" seashell-the one which grows in a spiral, which has the "Golden Ratio" observable in many places and things in nature. (hint: read up on Pythagorean theorem, chaos theory, repeating digits, etc.