la ballerine Anna Pavlova en habits traditionnels russes

This is a colourization of the famous Russian Ballerina Anna Pavlova in the Russian costume kokoshnik. She was very determined to become a ballerina fro. Anna Pavlova in kokoshnik

Ekaterina Geltzer 1912, wearing Kokoshnik

Ekaterina Geltzer, a Russian ballerina, wearing a traditional costume with a headdress "Kokoshnik".

Anna Pavlova in a traditional Kokoshnik/Russian headgear. 1911.

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Kokoshnik became a symbol of Russian national headdress. Kokoshnik comes from…

Princess Orlova-Davydova in Masquerade Costume for the Ball of The headdress is a traditional Russian headpiece called a кокошник, or kokoshnik.

Zinaida and Felix Yusupov at a ball of 1903, in “traditional Russian costume”.

THE BALL OF 1903 ~ Gowns for masquerade ~ Prince and Princess Felix (born count Sumarokov-Elston) and Zenaida Yussupov dressed in century boyar costumes at the Winter Palace in These were the parents of Felix Yussupov, murderer of Grigoriy Rasputin.

Север России кон.19.в.-нач. 20 в.-коллекция Н.Шабельской

Север России кон.19.в.-нач. 20 в.-коллекция Н.Шабельской

11 Анна Сергеевна Истомина.

For my 1903 Imperial costume ball challenge [link] Anna Sergeyevna Istomina.

Русский национальный костюм

A Russian bride of the better class Datum 1902 Quelle NYLP Digital Gallery Urheber From Living races of mankind. (New York : Appleton,

The Blue Bird - Billy Rose Theatre Collection - NYPL DIGITAL COLLECTION

"Fairy III - Light and Fairy". Lost marvel of 1908 Russian Theatre : "Blue Bird" by Constantin Stanislavski.

La grande-duchesse Marie Pavlovna, née princesse de Mecklembourg-Schwerin (1854-1920), la tante de Nicolas II. En épouse de boyard de la fin du XVIIe

1903 costume ball in the Winter Palace, St. Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna (senior) wears a boyarynya (a noble woman in ancient Russia) fancy dress in the fashion of the century.