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Nature - Suzanne williams jewelry
Elaine Rader Jewelry Galleries, Elaine Rader, "Living in the North Georgia mountains is a constant inspiration. Being surrounded by nature enables me to dig deep into my primitive self, letting my work become a celebration of balance and form through the gifts given to us in nature. I find beauty in the shapes of bones and of trees in winter or the way a rock perches in the river."
Lanvin - Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear
Raphaël Vavasseur Art
Ellen Rococo - polymer and crystals
Oh wow, I LOVE these!!  Am inspired to make some of these prints myself.
Maud Traon Precious Metal Series MT-2013-1-02
cocon commerz privatsachen - Tunika aus Kreppseide ideal - Sommer 2015:
True to historical prototypes, Looking both Greek and Egyptian, Angelina as Cleopatra - Thats a WOW
Elaine Rader Jewelry Holiday Online Show, Earring Galleries, Sterling Silver and Gold