lubok-russian-japanese-war-01-el-desayuno-del-cosaco-luboks-de-la-guerra-ruso-japonesa-de-1904-1905.jpg (588×800)

A Wang folyó versei: Modern lubokok

220px-Polish-soviet_propaganda_poster_22Y.jpg (220×174)

Thousands of Secret KGB Espionage Documents Are Now Available for Public Viewing

lubok-russian-japanese-war-05-400.jpg (400×586)

A History of Graphic Design: Chapter A history of Caricatures and Political Cartoons: History in its context

dcd8675086a0f95ef55013448b4f9b58.jpg (736×997)

“Religion is poison! Protect your children!

gallery_hero_il_fullxfull.390611809_5tl1.jpg (398×600)

Death to World Capitalism / Bourgeois: - Oh no.

Tov_lenin_ochishchaet.jpg (351×504)

Soviet poster, "Comrade Lenin Cleanses the Earth of Filth", illustration by Viktor Deni.

Polish-soviet_propaganda_poster_18Y.jpg (600×901)

Bolshevik poster during Civil War Text: “Farmer! Polish Pan wants to make you his slave. This cannot happen!

a1.jpg (552×760)

“Poland – the last dog of the Entente” (by Viktor Nikolaevich Deni) “The Devil Doll” (by Dmitrii Stakhievich Moor) “Constituent assembly” men in shoe boat: Bourgeois, General, France.

nfMeUJB.jpg (604×800)

Deni, Viktor Nikolaevich, Manifesto of Baron Wrangel. All power for landowners! For workers and peasants - a lash!

whitearmy-standard.jpg (295×156)

whitearmy-standard.jpg (295×156)