It is so much easier to put a dress together like this and then sew up both sides. This Big Oak Tree: Sweet as a Berry Little Girl Dress {tutorial}. // Add ribbons and you have a quick dress up pattern!

Giacca bimno

Одежда, аксесуары для кукол

Scrap Fabric Tutu Tutorial - easy tutorial for a fantastic homemade gift idea | The Happy Housewife

Scrap Fabric Tutu

I used this earlier this year to make my tot a tutu for her clown costume. Scrap Fabric Tutu Tutorial - easy tutorial for a fantastic homemade gift idea

Pattern panels printed directly on the fabric: Riley Blake Doll Clothes Tutorial

Doll Clothes Panel Tutorial

Crochet Dolls - use this pattern for the body and the ideas for hair, face and clothing are endless

Сапожки для куклы.

Одежда, аксесуары для кукол

Blank Doll BODY is 17 inches (42 cm) tall . Fabric doll body is made of linen without stuffing material. This blank, cloth doll body is ready to stuff. These pre-made doll bodies are perfect if you wish to make the art doll but dont have the time to make the body. The blank doll bodies are ready for your own creativity. You can personalize them by adding your choice of hair and clothing. Price is for ONE doll body.

Blank Doll BODY for crafting - handmade doll- PreSewn and unstuffed Blank Doll Body - premade doll- cloth doll body

Cappotto con la bambola cappuccio - Masters Fiera - fatti a mano, a mano

Одежда, аксесуары для кукол

Doll's lined jacket with hood {Site not in English} from Escudo con la muñeca capucha - Masters Feria - hecho a mano, hecho a mano

Baby | Shoes | Craft | Felt | DIY

(Note: original text is not English and translation is rough. Patter is DIY too.) DIY Baby Shoes: could be repurposed as minimal adult shoes by adding a more durable sole

We make doll hair from the dissolved silk ribbon.

Making doll hair splayed out silk ribbon. Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries