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What Are the Best Store Membership Rewards Cards?
June's "Pin of the Month" on - Retail Loyalty & mobile's impact on it all!  #Infographic by Kobie Marketing
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The Future of Retail
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What Shoppers Still Won't Buy on Amazon (Infographic)  Read more:
What Marketing Needs to Know About Customer Loyalty (Infographic) | CustomerThink
BUILDING CUSTOMER LOYALTY Loyalty rewards has something of a double meaning. Most people think of it as a marketing tool that encourages people to become repeat customers. This usually takes the form of punch cards for an eventual free cup of coffee at a cafe or or a point system that leads to free or discounted airline miles, food, or hotel rooms.
What drives customer loyalty?
How to be #Customer Obsessed   What do customers want from any brand or company: To belong – Initiate a sense of belonging, such as utilizing a “Welcome” program    To be known – Treat customers as individuals by employing personalization methods    To feel special – Reward customers for their loyalty and continued engagement with your brand    To be treated well – Offer assistance through customer service, such as sending out “Thank you” emails