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Technical Study: Overwatch [Image heavy] - polycount

G& mates, The Overwatch beta was a blast and the game looks simply gorgeous.

Destiny Warlock Redesign, Alexander Fuhr on ArtStation at

Warlock - harbinger "The Darkness consumed you. and you returned more powerful than you could imagine. Warlock redesign for Brainstorm group's Destiny challenge. I am a huge Destiny fan, and have really enjoyed delving deep into the

Postapocalyptic Samurai, Anastasiya Bubnova on ArtStation at

Based on the world where animals mutated due to virus and became agressive monsters that almost destroyed mankind. The samurai is there to find a cure for the virus and bring back humanity values to the world.

Ria Keburia is a genius. This while collection is gorgeous. It has a very elegant, very sharp, and very front-and-center  presentation.

Monastic Futurism Fashion - The Ria Keburia Revival Collection Marries Religious and Sci-Fi Themes (GALLERY)