Anna Kireyeva
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Based on our letter formation worksheets, these workbooks feature worksheets for S-A-T-P.

A great numeracy activity to go alongside your ourselves/all about me topic!

Daily Calendar/Weather Chart - All you need to create your own daily weather calendar display. Why not print, cut out and laminate for re-use? A new term essential!


水槽 (shui cao) fregadero 冰箱 (bing xiang) nevera 炉子 (lu zi) cocina 水壶 (shui hu) tetera 杯子和茶托 (bei zi he cha tuo) taza y platillo 玻璃杯 (bo li bei) vaso 盘子 (pan zi) plato 碗 (wan) bowl 平底锅 (ping di guo) sartén