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an animal with its mouth open standing in front of flowers and the words, russian
a poster with the words dior in russian and an image of a woman's head
делаю вдох
a small dog sitting on top of a green chair next to a red and white sign
✞ крысиный подвал ✞. Запись со стены.
a cartoon penguin standing next to a box of cereal and a bottle of milk with the caption c am kosmotchap a
✞ крысиный подвал ✞
a collage of cats, dogs, and other animals with captions in russian
a log with hearts in the background and words written below it that says, c'om opena
a cat is standing in front of an oven with food on it and hearts hanging from the ceiling
an image of a man with cucumbers in his hand and the words russian on it
С днём!
a woman with a towel on her head next to a golden retriever and flowers
я каждый день
a black and white photo of a cat with a blue bubble in it's mouth
✞ крысиный подвал ✞ | VK
there are two cats and one dog with food in their heads on the same page
✞ крысиный подвал ✞
a puppy is sitting in front of canned food
Hip Hop, Rap, Cursed Images
there is a lizard sitting on the table next to two cups with milk in them