Stripy Lace Crochet Tutorial

Stripy Lace Tape Tutorial

Crochet Lace Tape Tutorial - I like this kind of leafy motif. Would look awesome sewn across a boho pillow in a contrasting color.

Crochet Pattern

Beautiful openwork crochet stitch that would be wonderful for a shawl or scarf. For clarity, the curved line with the number 7 in the diagram means chain

ЮБКА-КАРАНДАШ | Варварушка-Рукодельница


ЮБКА-КАРАНДАШ | Варварушка-Рукодельница

Sweet crochet bolero in an interesting stitch pattern in symbols. Вязание крючком - МК-красивый узор » Поиск мастер классов, поделок своими руками и рукоделия на SearchMasterclass.Net


"The threads and fabrics are familiar things used in an unfamiliar way. What is usually used to make a neat seam or a mended pocket, is used here in a messy and raveled manner."                                                                                                                                                      More

Judy Martin: rough couching, over raveled weft threads, unseparated floss & narrow denim strips. Familiar threads & fabrics used in unfamiliar way. Usually used fr neat seam or mended pocket is used in a messy & raveled manner / Фото #45 - Непрерывне полотна с техникой выполнения - Alleta

Crochet lace charts - these would make a really pretty triangular wrap shawl worked on diagonal