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a hand holding up a plant with two snakes on it's side and another snake in the background
blueberries and leaves are arranged on top of each other, with the words organic written in
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some colorful buttons are laying on a rug
two strawberry earrings with flowers on them sitting on a table next to some lavenders
Strawberry earrings - Polymer clay earrings - Handmade polymer clay earrings - 2 inches long - Nickel free
Handmade polymer clay earrings. My earrings are handmade from artist grade polymer clay. The color and pattern of the clay are created in very small batch, making each design of earrings unique and cannot be exactly replicated. The earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The posts are nickel free. Please allow slight variation of color from the photos. Caring for polymer clay earrings: To clean simply use a piece of moist soft fabric and wipe it gently. Remove the earrings
several honeycombs with white and yellow flowers are on a table next to some gold ear pins
Polymer clay earrings bee
the earrings are decorated with oranges and daisies
two yellow and white earrings with flowers painted on the front, one has an egg in the back
the hand is holding three different earrings with flowers on them, and one has yellow daffodils in it