126 Pins
a drawing of a woman holding a guitar and another person standing next to her with the caption good guidance
Hades | Zagreus | Eurydice
a woman with green hair holding an owl and wearing a feathered headdress
Jen Zee on X
some anime characters with horns on their heads and hair in different poses, all dressed up
an illustration of a woman with green hair and horns on her head, holding a plant
a woman with an orange dress holding a green object
Melinoe (Hades 2)
an illustration of a woman with horns on her head and trees in front of her
an anime character with long black hair and horns
a drawing of a woman dressed as santa claus
a woman in a red dress holding a book with the caption he has 97 mental witnesses and is banned from most public spaces
Nyx, Chaos, Hades Greek Mythology, Deities
two pictures of the same character with different hair colors and their name written on them
an anime character is laying down on the bed with her arms behind her head and eyes closed
an image of a woman in red and white holding a piece of paper with her hands