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castle bravo bikini island atomic test photo On the morning on March 1, 1954, the hydrogen bomb code named Bravo was detonated on the surface of the reef in the northwestern corner of Bikini Atoll. The area was illuminated by a huge and expanding flash of blinding light. A raging fireball of intense heat shot skyward at a rate of 300 miles an hour. The cloud, filled with nuclear debris, shot up more than 20 miles and generated winds hundreds of miles per hour.

David Against Nuclear Goliaths': Nation Wages Legal Fight 'for All Humanity' - Marshall Islands, still plagued by U. nuclear bomb testing, says 9 nuclear nations must abide by non-proliferation, disarm

This is what the world would have become if there was a nuclear war. Both the U.S. and the USSR backed down their armaments because the country would be destroyed.

The atom bomb was the first nuclear weapon of its kind. German scientist immigrants fleeing the wrath of the Nazis, took refuge in America and were set to work on two bombs, which helped end the war against Japan.

An SBD Dauntless drops its bomb. The dive brakes are extended and are visible behind the wings.

US Navy Douglas SBD Dauntless releasing a bomb (note extended dive brakes on the trailing edges) (National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola)