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Need an easy side dish or one dish dinner meal? Here's the perfect delicious Cheesy Broccoli Bake casserole recipe! Add cooked chicken or other favorite veggies for an extra special twist!

Miyuli (Julia K.)

badass-art-tutorials: “miyuli: “ I’ve been studying the classic black tie dress code (mainly from here) so I thought I could share my notes. Maybe they can be helpful to someone else, too. If I made any mistakes or things are really confusing please.

Men's Fashion Illustration by Alena Lavdovskaya

Copics, Ink and Digital. The rough simplicity and sketchiness in rendering really appeal to me, as well as the black/white stylisation, give it a realistic yet still graphic feel.

Sad. But sometimes this happens. The scariest part is when the couple doesn't realize it's happening, or doesn't care.

This is how it feels to be the third wheel >>> As they get closer, you are being torn apart. The guy who's about to get torn apart is the male version of me.

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