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a small dog is sitting next to a bowl of food and a sign that says mann er charlie
Menu for dogs
a dog holding a large toothbrush in its mouth with the words couscous on it
‘Vegan Dogs’ for Do The Green Thing
‘Vegan Dogs’ for Do The Green Thing — Pentagram
a woman sitting at a table in front of a sign that says charlotte au chocolate
Sparkles and Pretending
Charlotte au Chocolat
a woman sitting at a table with fruit and flowers in front of her on the cover of a magazine
Lee Hyun Yi for Vogue Korea August 2018. Photographed by Chae Dae Han
a woman holding a drink next to a sign that says, your options are endless
How To Stay Motivated When You Just Don't Feel Like It — Amy Shamblen Creative
When I first started freelancing, I had a seemingly infinite amount of motivation and energy that allowed me to work for 12+ hours without any breaks. How to stay motivated wasn't exactly a problem at the time. I'm sure my family was a bit concerned, but when you're freshly delving into your busines
cereal is falling into a bowl on a blue background with an open book in the corner
MOO (United States)
a woman holding up a sign that says, that's what she said
Benefit: Breakup Social Campaign &Walsh
two hands are holding an apple, fish and spoons on a red table
Pretty in Pink: The Color Domination
a blue and yellow table setting with lemons
STILL LIFE: Excèlsa catalogue 19/20
STILL LIFE: Excèlsa catalog 2018 on Behance
an assortment of objects are arranged on a table with gold and white accents, including champagne bottles
Photography & Motion
Veuve Clicquot Calendar - Wallpaper* 2013 | Photography: Qiu Yang | Set design: Elena Mora
a pair of brown shoes sitting on top of a table next to a white briefcase
"Inspired by the classics..." Beckett Simonon by ANDRES CALDERON, via Behance