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the different font styles and colors are shown in this graphic style, which is used to describe
three different types of facial cleansers on display against a pink and white background
DIYYA on Behance
three boxes are stacked on top of each other, one is green and the other is pink
Brand Identity Presentation
an advertisement for the eiffernime rave picnic, which features various colored objects
A touch of drama defines Kushagra Gupta’s electrifying 3D designs
Прикосновение драмы определяет захватывающий 3D-дизайн Кушагры Гупты.
two black balloons with the words black friday in pink on them and against a white background
BLACK FRIDAY черная пятница
a magazine cover with various items in the basket and on top of it is an advertisement for ceramicss booboo
an advertisement for the new happiness surrounds campaign, with orange and white circles around it
a pink teddy bear is in the middle of an ad with dots all over it
Типографические плакаты, на которых все понятно без иллюстраций