Wreck this journal ideas

I have already done things on this page so I might do it over the thing I. Have already done, I think it will look smart xx

The last part is creepy (mabel and dipper)

this comic is kind of pointless but OH WELL, we could always use more 'dipper is an adorable brother' comics also i am now obsessed with gravity falls. dipper and mabel fo lyfe that is al.

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Bed Time by Bshobe on DeviantArt

mabel and dipper are the best twins i've seen!<< aside from the STOLL bros.

Simple Christmas trees and stars hanging from a branch window display

Looking for some cool and awesome Christmas window decorating ideas? The most versatile piece of furniture in our homes is sometimes over looked: the window. Decorating the outside of our homes is a long lived tradition during the Christmas season