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the truth about your chakras: which one of them could be sabotaging your life

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Problem solving is an essential life skills for a healthy well balanced life. The problem solving process & ways to find a solution.

"Knowledge is convertible into power, and axioms into rules of utility and duty. But knowledge itself is not Power. Wisdom is Power; and her Prime Minister is JUSTICE, which is the perfected law of TRUTH. The purpose, therefore, of Education and Science is to make a man wise. If knowledge does not make him so, it is wasted, like water poured on the sands." Albert Pike

The Secret Science Ancients Knew, Time Erased, Now Returned – But Greater, “Truly the light is sweet & a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun,” Ecclesiastes

Простые и важные советы для детей, которые хотят быть финансово успешными

Простые и важные советы для детей, которые хотят быть финансово успешными

Stay Motivated

Healthy Living quotes to stay motivated to live well. How to start living a healthy lifestyle. Keeping motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. Tips to keep your healthy living goals on track.

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Useful Tips to help: get up early, start the day, work fast, think faster, live a simple life [as an entrepreneur]

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How to Use Complementary Therapies within Your Addiction Treatment

Essential Oils & the Road to Addiction Recovery

Some people are able to overcome addiction on their own, while others need more support through professional treatment. Each person needs to take the recovery path that works for him or her.