Bern and I need a ski bus just like this so we can chase snow.OK< I know just who I'd like to share a ski bus with and chase snow.this looks so nice and fun!

my brain has too many tabs open, SO TRUE. I also most of the time have a lot of tabs open as well, lol.

Concept cars and trucks: Motorcycle concepts by Paul Denton

Bike concepts by our friend Paul Denton. Keywords: various concept vehicle motorcycle robot robo-bikes art design by profession.

Tempera and gold leaf  by Japanese artist Sei Arimori

This tempera and gold leaf piece is by Japanese artist Sei Arimori. Possible art wall treatment

Free download: Halftone Automator Photoshop actions

Free download: Halftone Automator Photoshop actions

When mass printing dominated the mid-twentieth century, the number of colors in an image was reduced by replacing gradients with dots. The technique was seized


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