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McIntosh 225...beyond what we offer , nevertheless , give credit where credit is due to a classic that I own  personally !

McIntosh McIntosh products available at Audio Visual Solutions Group 9340 W. Sahara Avenue, Suite Las Vegas, NV The only McIntosh/Sonus Faber/Pryma Platinum Dealer in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call us @ for pricing and availability.

Tube amps vs. solid state amps - Among stereo enthusiasts, there is a subgroup of audio buffs who advocate the use of tube amplifiers for home listening; they argue that tube amplifiers produce a "warmer" or more "natural" valve sound. Companies in Asia and Eastern Europe continue to produce valves to cater to this market.

If you think all high-end products are stupid expensive or mammoth monstrosities, the MiniWatt vacuum tube integrated amplifier should change your mind.