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Andrey Ermilov

Andrey Ermilov
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isotype icons by Otto Neurath + Gerd Arntz

Icon, Infographic, Signage, Journaling, Bible, History

From the site: "The work of Gerd Arntz is of great importance to the…

Icon Design, Gravy, Economics, Storyboard, Vocabulary, Signage, Infographics, Graduation, Journaling

Otto Neurath and the Origins of ISOTYPE A visual program for displaying facts and quantitative information, the ISOTYPE system was born from research and theories of Otto Neurath a Vie…

Pictorial Symbols, second enlarged edition, by Rudolph Modley

Rudolph Modley was a pupil Otto Neurath and continued the development of isotypes in the "world language without words" inspired by ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.