Торт "Сникерс"

Торт "Сникерс" (Love it, next gonna use different nuts and more cooked caramel)


Торт "Монастырская изба"

you make first cherry filled cookies, that you then pile up to create this "monastery cake".

Вяленые помидоры

заготовочки впрок

Медовик (без раскатывания коржей)

Cake Squirrel - the easiest recipe of delicious cakes with photo to cook for Christmas Ingredients: For the dough: Egg - 1 Soda - 3

coconut cake

Sweet Treat: Dorothys Coconut Cake Recipe from Alex Hitz house beautiful magazine Shine Food

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Ouă umplute - 26 de umpluturi pentru un aperitiv delicios!