Эрика Ахметзянова

Эрика Ахметзянова

Эрика Ахметзянова
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This is not Chara. Surprised? Instead,this is Sora,which you could obviously see on the sketch that they are also known as Pancake the Pikachu. You can find them here ---> pancake-the-pikac...

Call me Neko-chan or Artist-chan though I'm trash for Undertale,and you'll probably see a ton of WIPS and fan arts of them,but I'm also trash for other fandoms.I also make AUs of Undertale,and i ma.


2017 black bra black legwear bra character name choker collarbone copyright name cube dated hand up head out of frame highres holding ia (vocaloid) jewelry long hair night night sky off shoulder parted lips pink skirt pleated skirt ring sin

Cousins [New Generation] by CNeko-chan on DeviantArt

Artist-chan: Damn,I look fine as fuck as a dude. --- Kitten: DAMN BOI Chara: I've been gay for Frisk,Asriel,Kitten,and now this happens. Frisk: YES PLS .