This Viking...

British Museum about the Vikings: "They were a contradictory bunch – shameless raiders yet shrewd traders; pagans yet culture vultures; smelly soap-dodgers who hated messy hair; and testosterone-fuelled warriors who believed girl-power won their battles".

Числобог, автор Шишкин Андрей. Артклуб Gallerix

Chalobah - in Slavic mythology - the God of time and Zvezdochetov, letters, numbers, calendar and all that entails.

Шишкин Андрей. На Купалу

☀ "Spread the Light, and darkness will dissipate by itself.

Шишкин Андрей Алексеевич

Giving the name by Andrey Shishkin(well-known artist, who was born in Moscow in Here he lives and works now. This Russian artist works in the style of realistic academic painting and creates paintings that delight in its splendor).