Andre Safronov

Andre Safronov

Andre Safronov
More ideas from Andre | Antige-V Hardtop | ...which is totally not just one piece added on top.

Today is a classic (lego-ized) car day. even though one of the pair does not come from the past Building a hovercar is not that easy as it might seem. Classic from space - Antige V

homeworld - Поиск в Google

Homeworld spent 12 long years in the wilderness. During that time, few scenes kept the series' spirit alive better than Lego builders, who ceaselessly constructed tributes to its iconic ship designs.

Sungem Light Bomber | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A study of these Jedi-Starfighter panels, doors and other weird yellow things I had at hand. Generally I wanted to build light, compact bomber but with good weapon capacity and an armored look. Also, my first starfighter without "glass" cockpit.

PimpMyBricks : Photo

Eactly 3 years ago, I designed the Ares starfighter on LDD, and I always wanted to build it one day.


Build big or stay home seems to be my motto.