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Андрей Приданников

Андрей Приданников
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Yant Paed Tidt represent the 8 directions of the Universe

Yant Paed Tidt represent the 8 directions of the Universe the eight tips pointed to the eight directions which is believed that it can protect the wearer from hazards from all directions no matter where they are.

OM MANI PADME HUM•Om: generosity (purifies pride/bliss) •Ma: ethics (purifies jealousy/lust for entertainment) •Ni: patience (purifies passion/desire) •Pad:diligence (purifies ignorance/prejudice) •Me: renunciation (purifies poverty/possessiveness) •Hum: wisdom (purifies aggression/hatred)

wont this be cool as a tattoo on the spine of your back or side ohm mani padme hum mantra tatoo tatouage idée nuque colonne modèle

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Music tattoo designs from clef can have outlines and also curves to contribute at the fascination of a lot of tattoo design about music tats.

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Accessorize your craft assignments with lovely inked impressions using the Inkadinkado Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp. This stamp features a cool design and can be used with your favorite colored inks or a


Replace an axe with an ice axe or Peavey and remove the anchor. Artist: Lumberjack vs Sailor by Anderson Alves, via Behance

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