I literally laughed at this out loud. Like not Internet laugh like I started to cry

Some turbo shitting going on here

This is the happiest kid I've ever seen sitting on a toilet. <<< how many kids have you seen on a toilet?


Clocks made from repurposed materials by KysarCreations on Etsy, pretty cool to see car parts put to creative use!

This "throne" recliner puts the REST in restroom!

I bet a man came up with this design. Who wants somebody going to the bathroom in the family room? Who wants a lounge chair in the bathroom? The sanitation factor on this is a nightmare.

Russian site about stylish clothing alterations and interior. Can be read in any language via Google translator. #diy #diy fashion #craft #refashion

Few People believe that they spend their happiest time in toilets. So here below are some strange toilets for those people who love to spend.

Дом автолюбителя

I like the size of the roll of toilet paper! In case it's a rally and not a drag race! - Take an old race seat. Amazing Ideas For Your Man Cave – 25 Pics

НЕОБЫКНОВЕННЫЙ ДИЗАЙН НАСТЕННЫХ ЧАСОВ. (41 ФОТО) Часы — это одно из древнейших изобретений человечества.   Читать всё: http://avivas.ru/topic/neobiknovennii_dizain_nastennih_chasov.html

Rock Around the Clock Feeling too nostalgic to get rid of that old turntable? Turn it into a rocking clock. Long live vinyl, even if it’s just keeping time.

Гениальные идеи для использования обычных вещей 6

[Cover the hole on both ends of the pouring spout for safety reasons.] ---------------- * * BIRD: " Me wouldz ask yoo in fer a spot of tea, but de pots bein' used. Soes allz de tea ran outta de spout to the ground.

Креативные штучки для интерьера. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

Funny pictures about Mouse door power plug. Oh, and cool pics about Mouse door power plug. Also, Mouse door power plug.

Шедевры рукоделия

Designer: Rima Bueno - Three Dimensions of Time - Paper clock (quilling)!

007 (700x693, 800Kb)

Weathered wall clock with a Roman numeral face. Product: ClockConstruction Material: MDFColor: Black and whiteDimensions: DiameterNote: Batteries not included